Channeling Issues with Mythos & Black Eagle

Hey guys,

First time poster here, thanks for reading for those of you that do. So I’m having some issues with my setup which are making me pull my hair out. I’m have consistent channeling. My current setup is a Mythos 1 Clima Pro, Puqpress (first version), 20g VST Baskets, VA388 Black Eagle with IMS Shower Screens. Now I purchased all of this equipment with the intention of taking as much variation and error out of the process, but my shots are pulling all over the place.

I’m thinking that the issue is the alignment of the grinder? I just cleaned it and aligned to what seemed to be a very good alignment. When I ran the blades, the marker came off evenly on all sides. It couldn’t be the tamp since its the Puqpress. I even started using a distributor and the channeling persists. Do you guys think its the grinder, espresso machine, or could it be something else?