Difference between cappuccino and flat white

(Maximiliano Chang) #1

Hello everyone! Can anyone tell me how is a flat white made? i have heard it is a cappuccino without foam. is that right?

(Shawn Thacker) #2

Hey @m4xi88,

This is something that caused confusion both to those involved in specialty coffee and more so, to the average consumer and coffee drinker. Here’s a link to a previous thread on this forum somewhat related to this…

This terminology is an ongoing problem (IMO) within the industry and open to geographical, company, and even individual barista interpretation.


(Dillon Smith) #3

I visited Melbourne and Sydney four years ago and bought a flat white at every coffee shop I could find. I was served espresso and steamed milk of every size and texture you could imagine. About a year later a man began to request flat whites at the cafe I was serving at. He had been a barista in Melbourne for years, he claimed, and insisted that a flat white was 16 oz espresso and milk with honey. I remember, after his first sip of the giant beverage, he said “yes, this is exactly how everyone makes a flat white in Australia.”

(Maximiliano Chang) #4

Thank you guys for your answers! So, it is made with a single espresso in a 16oz cup with steamed milk and honey?

(Emanuel Greucean) #5

Our FlatWhite is a double espresso (~40ml) and steamed microfoam milk in a 200ml cup (7oz).
I think that an original Australian FlatWhite would be around 150ml (5.5oz) with a double ristretto, and since some of our guests like a bit less milk, we introduced the Short White, which is the same amount of espresso (~40ml) and steamed milk in a 150ml cup (cappuccino cup).

Short answer: nobody really knows what a Flat White should be.

Maybe this article is helpful:

(Troy) #6

But it certainly doesn’t have honey in it…

As I recall, before “specialty coffee” was a thing, a flat white would have been served without foam (or very little) and a cappuccino almost always had a dusting of cocoa powder…

(Stevie Hutton) #7

Drinks are always subjective and mean different things to different people.

Our flat whites are 5.5oz and our caps are 7.5oz with a slightly thicker foam, but that’s it. It’s all semantics and ratios, and its up to you to find the best ones to represent your shop.