Discussion for Hand Grinders

(David Duhalde Rahbæk) #66

I among many others are waiting with eager for my Aergrind. It should be in the mail any day now. I guess a lot of BH members will get this one and hopefully share their thoughts.

(Mark Burness) #67

Lido 3 will cover all manual methods just fine. LidoE will also have better fine rage adjustment (finer pitch thread).

(Aaron) #68

Looking forward to hearing about this (hopefully good things).

(Matt) #69

Who’s all picked up an Aergrind by Knock?
Got mine recently, and thoroughly enjoying it.
Would love to know what grind settings others are having success with on it.

At the moment I’m mostly using 3.2 for a 21g V60 with the Rao technique.
Not managed to find the right setting for a good aeropress yet, but only done a few so far.

(Joseph) #70

Hi. Got an Aergrind too. I use 2.4 - 2.6 for a 18g V60 with Matt P.'s technique and I get awesome cup everytime! Does your Aergrind zeroes at number 12? Do you experience wobble on the cone burr? Mine’s pretty snug and stable but alot of people from other forums seems to experience a wobble.

(Joseph) #71

Who’s got both the Comandante Nitro Blade and Ironheart? I’m very intrigued about their differences. I already translated this to get some info but additional actual info from just a home brewer would be nice. :slight_smile:

(nicolas) #72

Chris Baca has a great Youtube video on this https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=HyZB8U0EJlg

(Chris Wells) #73

Thanks for providing cost effective options. In addition to portability, of the attractive features for a hand grinder over electric is cost. And not all specialty coffee lovers roll in the dough.

(Dilski) #74

I got an Aergrind (beta) from the Aeropress Championship and I honestly love that grinder - so much so that I now carry it, with an aeropress and a bag of coffee everywhere!

I’ve been considering using it for espresso (as peter himself told me it’d be great for it), but i’m unsure

(Joseph) #76

Hi, Dilski. I use my Aergrind for espresso and found it very easy to dial as it is stepless compared to a stepped one like the C40. My machine is only a Dedica EC680 with an aftermarket non-pressurized filter basket that can hold 15.5g. My setting is at 1.5 (my zero is at 12) and I can achieve a 30-sec. shot with 46g yield. Tastes great, I think. :smiley:

(Emanuel Greucean) #77

I have the Comandante C40 MK3 hand grinder and I use it every day for V60 brews and even for espresso in the Coffee Shop (until I can affort an EK43). I consistently get better coffee (measured with the Atago refractometer) with the Comandante than my Ceado E37S and the Quamar Q13/75.

I strongly recommend this grinder.

Other options might by the Kinu M47 grinder: https://kinugrinders.com. I’ve heard really good things about them.