EK 43 Adjustment Dial Loose

(Jason Menke) #1

We recently had a washer from a lyn weber bean cellar run through our EK! Our shear plate broke and we were lucky enough to have a back up shear plate on hand.

After installing the new shear plate and cleaning everything out, our grind adjustment dial has been acting very strange. Most of the time, the dial is very loose, but will occasionally tighten up when fining up the grind setting. Coarse grinding has not seemed to change at all, but we’re having to adjust our espresso settings quite a bit coarser on our dial than before.

When taking the EK apart to clean, I noticed that the prebreaker and rotating grinding disc were very difficult to remove from the motor shaft. Also, placing the prebreaker and rotating grinding disc back on the motor shaft took more effort than I remember previously. All parts have been cleaned and lubricated.

Any ideas what might be causing our loose dial? Thanks for your help!

(Jason Menke) #2

Here’s an update in case anyone else runs into a similar issue:

We found rough parts of metal on the inside of the prebreaker (where it fits onto the motor shaft) and on the motor shaft itself. After sanding down the rough parts as best as possible, and cleaning everything well and lubricating the first 3-4mm of the prebreaker (burr carrier) everything went back together much smoother. Our grind adjustment dial is behaving much more normally and are grind settings have returned to normal as well.

I hope this never happens to your EK!!