Eyedropping Liquid on Beans Before Grinding?

(Kyle Ruona) #1

I remember seeing people taking an eyedropper full of some liquid and squirting a few drops onto their whole beans before grinding. I can’t remember if this is a recurring dream or if people are actually doing this in real life. Seems odd without knowing what the liquid is.

Anyone seen this before?

(j l) #2

I saw some video… somewhere… though it was a water mister/spray bottle.

An argument about possibly controlling or having less fines?

(ME) #3

It’s water, the reason for using it is to reduce static.

(Kyle Ruona) #4

Seems unorthodox, but I’m sure extraction from that would be insignificant?

(Alex Evans) #5

Yeah, the idea is to use a tiny tiny amount of water. James Hoffmann has a video about it on his Youtube channel. Seems very effective to me.

(Kyle Ruona) #6

This got me thinking: why is there less static cling for espresso grinders? I know Mazzers have a little bit at the spout, and the K30s have even less it seems. How is this such a decrease compared to the huge static from an EK? Even espresso doses in an EK give off chaff and static.