Invites for Slack?

(Michael) #1

Hey All,

Does anyone know how I can get a Slack invite for the Barista Hustle Slack channel? I just heard about it on a episode of the Coffee Awesome podcast with Matt Perger and am excited to check it out. Unfortunately, the invitation link on the page:

seems to be broken, and the url just goes to a 404

I didn’t see anything posted on here or the Facebook group so I thought I’d ask the question.

Thanks in advance!

(Michael Cameron) #2

Hey there,

We’ve sadly sent the Slack group off into the sunset, concentrating now only on the FB group and the community page, with a bunch of updates on the Barista Hustle Facebook page, and our Instagram page :slight_smile:

  • For the BH FB group, head here
  • To like the Barista Hustle Facebook page, head here
  • To follow our Instagram page, head here

Hope that helps!

Barista Hustle