Mythos chute jams up--cleaning twice a week

(Raechel Hurd) #1

The chute in our mythos climapro is jamming up very frequently. Often times I find myself fiddling with the tiny coverplate screws to access the chute with the clump crusher and quickly/carefully cleaning it out during the middle of a rush. Our grinder stays on all the time, to maintain regulated temperature, and I already checked to make sure the grinder was grounded to reduce static.

Our shop has a pretty regimented deep clean list for all equipment, including the grinders. The burrs are pulled apart and cleaned at the beginning of the weekend and after the weekend every single week.

My question is: what is causing this jam?

Our shop goes through approximately 80lbs of espresso per week, and we replace our burrs bi-annually using the titanium coated burrs.

(DIY) #2

Have you tried replacing the clump crusher on a regular basis? I would replace it every 3 months at least with that volume.

With the mythos the screws for the top and bottom burr are different sizes, one is longer than the other, are they going back in the correct order?

Aside from that I imagine if your coffee is oily and you grind very fine it will get clogged more easily.

(Raechel Hurd) #3

The burr that is attached to the motor does not come off, it stays attached. I think it’s time for a new clump crusher, at least. I’ll change that out and see what if that makes a difference.

(DIY) #4

Hey, hope it helps.

There are additional cleaning tasks you can do to help with consistency. Removing the top and bottom burr for cleaning are important. You can soak the burrs in dish soap and hot water then dry well before fitting back on.

You can also remove the shaft too in order to clean behind the bottom burr carrier.

Ensure all parts are coffee free before reassembly.

Good luck!

(Dillon Smith) #5

If the pieces of the clump crusher overlap at all they will cause the ground coffee to back up and jam the grinder. Crusher replacement is not difficult but it has to be done carefully to avoid overlap.

(Raechel Hurd) #6

Overlap how? I installed a new clump crusher exactly as the part arrived. I did not modify it at all. It looks like the little “teeth” of the clump crusher overlap a bit, but that is how the part looked when it arrived.

(Dillon Smith) #7

Once the crusher is seated in the chute and fastened to the grinder you’ll want to check the “teeth” of the crusher to make sure they don’t lay on top of each other (that’s what I mean when I say “overlap”).

(David Mulé) #8

Hi Raechel,

I’m having the exact same problem with several grinders in different cafes. Did you ever find out what was causing it?

Ive emailed the manufacturers to try and get to the bottom of it.