Non profits and Specialty Coffee

(Jasmine Segura) #1

I’m wondering if anyone here has ever partnered with a nonprofit and has ideas for raising funds as a small shop without direct monetary risks. Also if you are interested in being a part of a committee that I can run ideas by, I would love to hear from you!

(Tio Nico) #2

I’m not yet into a retail location, but I do provide green and roasted coffee, and “do” coffee at events.

I’ve also used coffee as a fundraiser for missions work… and learned a few lessons along the way. I’d be happy to share abit, or respond to your speicfic questions.

I’ve also observed some fundraiser coffee schemes that did not seem to do so well… when a project must rely on folks’ heart to help to generate any income, the coffee being, how shall I say it delicatly… can’t think of it, so I’ll just say PRETTY BAD I believe the project is a failure, no matter how much cash flows in. It can be done well,… and should be