Peak Mahlkhoing vs Maythos one

(AMO) #1

Hello everyone, I am going to purchase a new grinder I am to perfect extraction with hi level of Reliability. please help me to choose and thanks a lot

(Stevie Hutton) #2

Are you an experienced barista or just a business owner putting a grinder into the shop?

Personally I would say the Mythos is the better option as its very easy to clean and we’ve found it reliable. I’ve heard a few people have cleaning and clogging issues with the Peak.

(AMO) #3

Hi stevie, I am a business owner, and would be managing my business as a barista as well.

I am looking for something with flat burrs and a Hi end equipment that can handle a high volume.

I know that the maythos we can not go wrong with it is an industry stander but we wish to push it further !

have ever tried the ANFIM SP |I ? I heard it is a great equipment but from people with no experience so I can not relay on them !

(Stevie Hutton) #4

What sort of weekly espresso volume (in KGs) are you anticipating?

(AMO) #5

at least 10 KG once we open and probably will increase to double hopefully within few months. we may end up with another grinder though.

(Stevie Hutton) #6

10kg is low volume - easy for a mythos, but at volume that low its a big investment