Need help with the name of the product

Hellow everyone!

My partner and I are opening a multi-roaster coffee shop called ZOO CITY in the near future. We hired a very creative designer to create a unique brand identity with a lot of illustrations. The idea is to use our own packaging for the retail coffee and providing all the information about the coffee and the roaster.

The question I have is how to call this line of product. The three options we’re choosing from right now are MULTI-ROASTER COFFEE SERIES, MULTI-ROASTER COFFEE COLLECTION, AND MULTI-ROASTER COFFEE EXHIBIT.

Please comment below what name would make more sense.

Thank you!

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MULTI ROASTER COFFEE SERIES stood out to me. I think “collection” sounds a bit like “collective” which I have heard a lot in products recently, and “exhibit” really has so much word association with museums, so it depends on the rest of your branding whether that would really work.

Thank you, Jasmine.

I agree with you about the exhibit. We just thought that it could work with
the name ZOO CITY, but the fear is that it’s not an industry term and our
guests might have a hard time relating to it.

I also like the sound of MULTI-ROASTER COFFEE SERIES, if another random opinion is helpful.

It is helpful. Thank you, Wesley!