Should Cafes stop selling Skim Milk?

(Fred Cederstrom) #1

Does anyone have any opinions/experience about selling, or not selling skim milk, or non-fat milk?
Has any Cafe just cut-off the Skim Milk Customers?
We are considering getting rid of it entirely, leaving us with Whole, Oat, and Soy as our Dairy/Dairy-Like Choices.
It seems more and more like a just a waste of fridge space catering to an ever diminishing market.
Even the first result on a Google search for ‘skim milk vs whole milk’ comes up with an article entitled ‘The Case Against Low-fat Milk Is Stronger Than Ever’.
What say you Hustlers?

(Christopher Schaefer) #2

I think the Mermaid uses it for their “cold foam” beverages.

(Jonathan) #3

Our shop, in Los Angeles, we keep it pretty simple offering Whole milk and almond milk only. I hear skim milk requests, maybe once a week? And they end up going with our whole milk anyways. No one has ever left without getting their coffee. Also we’ve eliminated the option from the very beginning. So I wouldn’t be able speak to how your guests would react if they found out it was no longer an option vs never being an option. But that’s us. To those that love skim milk, sorry! Lol, no hate. Just wanted to make it easier for our recipes, staff and not get carried away with so many milk alternatives. And we certainly don’t tell folks how to drink their coffee, but we do try to navigate/manage/guide the narrative for our shop.

I can feel myself starting to rant. hahaha hope that helps and good luck! Let us know what you end up going with!

(David Evans) #4

We sell 2% and almond.
People sometimes ask for skim but rarely.
People sometimes ask for whole milk but rarely.

Most people just ask for a latte or a cappuccino or…

Looking for an almond substitute if anyone wants to help me hijack this thread! How does home made oat steam up?
Sorry, nevermind :wink: