Advice for linea mini 2nd hand

Hi again, lots a questions from me today… :grimacing:
I’ve dreamed of owning a la linea mini for a while, but since I don’t really need it, I always thought it might Just stay a dream.
I just got a couple SCA certifications, and this guy I know is selling his for 3000€ (which, p.s. I’ve never seen one used for less than 4000€). It’s in great condition, he pulled like 50 shots on it, and used a Britta filter for the water. He thought he’d get super into coffee, and turns out not so much… for now I would only use it at home, but I have a couple projects in mind where I would use it for like temporary coffee shop events. What do you think? This expense was certainly not planned.
Is this the kind of opportunity you don’t let go? Or does this happen when it’s supposed to, and good deals always show back up?
Thank you in advance for insights and advice :blush: