Baratza Sette and Hario V60

Hi everybody!

This is my first post. I’ve been trying to brew coffee using my Hario V60 and Baratza Sette with BG burr. I tried a few methods with little to no success. Matt Perger’s method works the best so far. My problem is that the flow nearly stops while I still have some water in the bed. So, I just get rid of the filter/grounds as soon as I see 2:20 on my timer. I wanted to hear about your experience with Sette. Do you have any suggestions? Thank you

That… is a bit problematic…

I recommend ordering the coarse burr released for the sette, it is on their website.

However, the grinding process generates “superfines” so… need to reduce the coffee water ratio, possibly 12:1. Even sieving doesn’t solve this issue, superfines statically attached to the larger grinds. You will still have “mud” on the sides of your v60. Grinding coarser does not solve the problem.

Sette is meant for espresso, a bit of a challenge for brewing. Is doable, just can’t use standard brewing recipes. I am still working with sieves to figure this out, but… problematic so far.

Blog post by Alex on Baratza site with brewing guidelines for Sette.

Thank you for replying. I am using the coarse burr. I think, for espresso, even the coarse burr is not bad. I switched to V60 from Chemex because I could not grind coarse enough. I will try 1:12 even though it seems a bit strong.

Link to Alex’s blog post below, in case you haven’t read it. Some good recommendations here. I think a very likely approach is to grind “finer” and then reduce dose weight. Maybe try just 12g of coffee and then adjust water amount for brew ratio.

I normally brew from 20g to 28g and that, does not work for Sette without some level of sieving.

There is a way of “fixing” this I think, but kind of a practical issue and haven’t thought of a way to do it. But in essence, use almost freezing cold water to “pre-wash” the grinds to remove the superfines…

Yep, heard it here first :slight_smile: Pre-wash. Just not sure of a practical way of doing this.

After sieving though, the grinds look great, consistency is good, just the superfine problem which can’t sieve for.

Netting it out, Baratza created a grinder for espresso and “hoped” it would work for brewing as well. It doesn’t. Not with standard brewing recipes and usual dosage amounts.

Hi again. I’ve read the blog post. I just don’t know what to do right now. I even tried grinding using macro setting 11, and there is no big difference in brew time compared to like 21. Water flow turns into a slow dripping towards the end. Since I’ve seen the grounds in Matt Perger’s video, I thought I could give fine grounds a chance. Eight is my espresso setting btw :slight_smile:
For the pre-wash, I remember doing a similar thing for tea. Not sure for coffee though.
I will contact Baratza and see if they have something else to say, in addition to the blog post.
Thanks again for the replies

I have pages and pages of dialogue with support :blush:I just don’t think you will like the answer… sorry. The blog post is not prescriptive enough unfortunately, because it really can’t be. No way to eliminate superfines unless a prewash…

Unfortunate really.

that happens a lot dew to how much fines in your grinds,from coffee to coffee,best solution is to play around with your grinds particles sizes,also you can use a coffee sieves,recommending 1000mm and 800mm mix the to,remember we still needs fines in our brew

Alex from Baratza told me to use around 10 macro setting with the coarse burr. I do as I am told, but I have to limit the brew time to 2:20. I do not really lose much. :slight_smile:

Sette does not follow the usual brewing patterns. At all.

What dose are you using?

12g coffee - 200g water

At 2:20, lift dripper before drawdown complete? That would leave “good” flavors in the slurry that do not make it to the cup.

I let it complete its drawdown on another cup. I taste the brown water, but it’s never good :slight_smile: By the way, my new beans are better with brewing time.

I wanted to post an update. It turns out, I was being a bit stupid by not paying attention to the temperature of the water. I got the result I’ve been looking for by using the water just off the boil. Macro setting 11, 12g - 200g, 2:20-2:30

I have encountered a similar problem. I’m using the Baratze sette 270 and I’ve problems with mud and long extraction times with the v60. Do you recommend buying the BG burr (now called S2)? I was also considering the Kruve’s sifter but, if i understand correctly, this would probably not solve the problem as the fines stick to the larger particles due to static; what are your thought on that?