Black Eagle pump pressure

Hi all, first time posting here -though I’m an infrequent commenter over at the FB group.

Does anyone know how to change pump pressure on a Black Eagle? I’m not having much luck finding anything on the Google (albeit searching with my phone). Would like to set it to 6 bar. Thanks!

There should be a way to do it digitally. If I remember correctly it’s in Temperature Setpoint > Boiler Setpoint and I believe there is an option in there to adjust the pressure of the espresso boiler. I know for a fact there’s a way to adjust the steam boiler pressure.

If all else fails, there should be a handle/turnscrew thing on the pump itself. I think it’s on the bottom of the pump on the Black Eagle.

There is a big silver knob under the machine turn it during a shot and watch your pump pressure dail to get the pressure you want. The black eagle gauge reads approx .5bar above the head pressure so 9.5bar on dail is 9bar head pressure