Brewing the Kenya aa+

I just got my Kenya aa+ beans. I’m going to make the basic water recipe. What ratios of water to beans should I start with? I’m planning on doing pour over. Tks


i’ve been playing around with this coffee for a week or so, i found that with the BH water, and the recipe used for a superlatives last year (14-175-1;45/2:15) shows this coffee off really well! if you’ve got an aero press, i’ve been doing 15-180 in 2m45s with great tasting results!

Ok, I’m new to this. are you saying 14grams coffee and 175grams water? what is 1;45. I’ll assume your brew time is 2mins 15 seconds. Thanks for clarification.

Hey charles!

sorry for not being clear but you’re spot on i do mean 14g of coffee to 175g water! and the brew time is 1:45 to 2:15,

Hey Thanks, we eventually figured it out. I appreciate the feedback!