Buying roasted coffee

What are the most important factors when choosing espresso coffees to sell in your cafe?
Angled towards the guest/SOE/secondary coffee that is served alongside your main offering/blend (if you offer one) but could be easily applied to your main offering/blend. I feel everyone makes these decisions on a weekly basis for it to be a topic worthy of fleshing out, or even help baristas make their choices with greater thought and clarity.

Below are some influences that sprang to mind.

What are the top 5 that influence you? Anything else for the list?

  • Flavour as espresso
  • Flavour as flat white/latte/cappuccino
  • Supplier’s reputation/brand/popularity
  • Customers request
  • Country of origin
  • Age of green, seasonality of coffee
  • Need for a diverse offering. To be different to the other coffees on my list
  • Price
  • Roast degree
  • Information about the coffee included in printed form
  • FT, Org, RFA certifications
  • Cup of Excellence, Best of [insert origin] awards
  • Exclusivity of supply in my suburb/strip
  • Carbon footprint of packaging/delivery method
  • Level of technical support from supplier
  • Lead time on usage. Roasted to order?
  • Try before you buy. Samples
  • How nice the delivery driver is
  • Direct trade relationship between roaster and producer

To add to the list:

  • Tasting notes supplied by the roaster
  • Have tried it before at another cafe
  • Payment terms

Or the good old “as long as it’s different to last week and never the same twice”

+1 for coolness of bag/box/tin when displayed on the shelf. Counter Culture or Dukes. So colourful! (and also delish).

Honestly, a lot of the time, how they look is what gets people buying them!