Cup sizes in Sydney

Hello there Sydneysiders!.

When you look at cup manufacturers, their sizes vary a lot, and if you were to guide yourself with the traditional 8oz and 12oz sizes, it’s not at all accurate when you compare dine-in cups in different cafes.

I was looking at ACME and they have 160ml, 170ml as “small” cups, 210ml as medium and 280ml as large. But it seems like the ACME options of 210mm would be more of a small (similar to 8oz) and 280mm a medium (closer to 12oz).

Anyway, I wanted to ask you people what the standard of sizes in Sydney you reckon are nowadays? for both dine-in and take away if different.

And, do you have any brands of choice that look great and are not too traditional?


I know that ACME are based in Wellington, NZ. A lot of the specialty cafes over here are using 6oz cups as a small/regular flat white cup. That might account for the different terms used.

Personally, I’m a big fan of Kinto, a japanese company who do some awesome ceramics, but it depends what you’re into.

Thanks @AlanBruce ! will check Kinto out.