Definition ThirdwavesCoffee

Hello there anyone can help me whats really the thirdwavescoffee is.?
1.Are the beans came froms farmer are the special crops and grade?
2.The methode are differents like i knew thats dry process,semi washed,full washed,honey process,cold fermentation, etc
3.The defect scale on green beans that came from farmer are totaly dont have or have but on very low scale of deffect beans.
4. If the roaster roast the coffee are the roast profile still the same?like i knew thats are city roast,full city roast,etc
5. After the beans are roasted and send to the shops how the barista sell and inform it to the customers thats the coffee are special or thirdwaves?
6. Are the equipment for the thirdwavescoffee need the expensive tools?
7. How about the decaf coffee in thirdwavescoffee are the decision put a side?
8.If the coffee shop have the roastery inside and also sell beans to customers are the quality are same?
9.How we as a barista / roaster / owner / farmer explain and educate to the coffee customer that we are thirdwavescoffee

Thank your for your help


Hi Rozi, Do not break yourself on this. Everyone you see here is part of what your question is all about. We are all forging forward tackling all we can to make coffee better, you included.

There is thousands of articles published online on different exciting topics in a bid to educate the world on what can be done to improve in different levels as coffee strongly takes the center stage of lifestyle. Read more online on third wave coffee and I hope your passion and enthusiasm will pay off.

Bottom line is you are part of this phenomenon and together we are going to crack it.



Liz Clayton is an extremely well-respected coffee writer, and she wrote a great article on why she doens’t like to talk about ‘third wave coffee’:

I think it helps to understand the origins of the term, which many attribute to Trish Rothgeb, now of Wrecking Ball. See this excerpt from the article:

When coffee roaster Trish Rothgeb, now of San Francisco’s Wrecking Ball Coffee Roasters, coined the term “third wave” in 2002, she meant it to define a specific shift in service and customer engagement—one that differed from the somewhat detached barista experience of, say, my late 1990s visits to Espresso Royale Caffe.

Naming this shift “was only to express something I saw happening around me,” explains Rothgeb. “It should be said that this idea was meant for the consideration of the industry, really,” she continues. “It was for back of the house to use as shorthand for the shift in the way the consumer engages with specialty.”

This shift has already happened and is now history. Do we need to get more definitionally specific now?

Well i thinked i got it :blush:

Third wave concept has been co-opted from the original intent. Which is ok.

Simply for me, if I can order espresso from a cafe that has seasonal choices of coffee beans AND I can order pourover again with seasonal choices AND I do not immediately spit it out…

Well, that’s third wave.


I suspect there is a range of definitions and common usages for the term, I suspect the move away from making traditional coffee like espresso was driven by marketing and the need for a point of differentiation with such a high density of cafes in the ‘coffee’ cities of the world.

Unfortunately this lead to a move towards a flavour profile I dislike, made from beans that I would consider under roasted. These cafes were then collectively described as being ‘third wave’ - although as others have pointed out this was not really how the term was originally used.