Espresso + Milk Dial in?

Throughout my time in coffee, I’ve seen co-workers dial in without tasting milk in the espresso. I have seen some pull a shot and then taste the espresso with steamed milk. Some choose not to taste with milk, arguing that it’s wasteful and unnecessary. I’ve always seen it as important, being that the majority of drinks we serve are milk based. I understand that different people have different habits and methods, and I don’t necessarily believe there is a right or wrong answer. I was just curious to see what others thought about this.

i find splitting a shot is the best way, try it as a very short piccolo and a single espresso to get an idea on how it evolves with milk


I don’t consider tasting espresso to be wasteful and I think most people agree. Personally I think it’s important to be tasting it both ways and any milk used is not wasteful but simply part of the process. That said, it’s always good to minimise excess if you can, I like the split shot.

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Tasting is a very important part of the process. Sometimes when you’ve been around for too long, you don’t necessarily have to. I’ve always encouraged baristas to taste test whenever they personally feel necessary or would like to.

Always when I am dialing in I will make two shots and than make one of them with milk