Extraction problems

Hi Everyone,

I need some help with a problem. All my coffee extractions taste like one flavor. I tried V60 and aeropress but nothing seems to change. I used different high quality coffees like Coffee Collective or other European names. I tasted the same beans at a cafe and can taste the different notes of fruit but at home its just boring coffee.

The coffee is balanced (not bitter or sour), has body but all I can say is boring.

I used a comandante grinder and tried several different water (some from bottles from Italy and some from other springs with PPM from 30 to even 350) but all tasted the same.

I tried 30 clicks and all the way down to 15 clicks on the grinder (adjusting the time) but it is still the same. I played with the water temp from 85c to 96c Nothing seems to help much.

Any idea what I can do?