HELP! Long Black with milk foam cap?

Hello fellow coffee lovers! I have been scouring the internet and cannot find an answer to my question “what is this drink?”. My absolute ideal coffee, is a long black topped with milk foam… Essentially a cappuccino but with water acting as a top up rather than steamed milk. Another way to look at my order would be a long mac with added water, but with more milk froth than a traditional mac. Im really just trying to find a drink that is espresso + water + milk foam… More milk foam than in a macchiato, but no steamed milk as in a cappuccino.

Does this exist?

an extra dry long mac is what i’d call that request!

Hi there,

Semantics here, but you say ‘espresso + water + milk foam’ but espresso + water = Americano (water + espresso = long black). So, I’d call this a dry Americano macchiato (American Macchiato anyone…) or if you’re ordering @ a ‘big coffee’, I guess you could say ‘half-wet Americano with foam’. :joy:

Hello! You can give birth to its existence! Call it just how you’ve explained it.