Is there such a term as craft coffee?

hi my brother whats to put Craft Coffee on our coffee bottle. Is there such a term? Specialty is a little long i thought not to include it at all. I think it sounds a little weird “Craft coffee”

Info and opinion are greatly appreciated thanks!

although i’ve heard the term, if it sounds weird to you, i wouldn’t use it.

I’ve heard the term. I think a more common term is for sure “Specialty Coffee”. But I personally like using the term craft coffee. I just think it sounds really good because we as an industry hand craft our product.

This is just semantics though right? You can call anything, anything these days. Look at 80% of ‘speciality’ shops pulling the wool over people’s eyes brewing with no precision, or the chains naming their products all sorts of things - just because they sell.

‘Craft’ is no different.