La Marzocco Linea PB AV coffee boiler temperature

Hi guys. I want to apologize for my bad English in advance.
I’m work at the bakeries chain placed in Stavropol, Russia. In only one of the bakeries we have a La Marzocco Linea PB AV (LInea Classic EE in others). When i was seting the coffee boiler tamperature on this machine i have noticed something and now i have a questions. First: if i setting coffee boiler temperature through the “barista” programming mode, temperature value on a display match with what i’m chosen ( value on the left side of the display and the right side is the same (range within 0,5 C).
If you go to the “coffee boiler settings” through the “technical” programming mode, temperatue value, shown on the left side of the display, will be higher than what you have set (picture 2 (setted temperature - 95 C))

Also, when setting through the “technical” programming mode we have such a parameter as “coffee boiler offset”. On my Linea PB it’s 3,5 C. And i’m really confused. What does mean “coffee boiler offset” and what is my actual water temperature in the group head ? Does it mean that i must subcract 3,5 C from the desired temperature value (if i want to have 95 C in the group head, i need to set 91,5 C) or not?
Thanks so much for the feedback.

Это стандартная дельта для LM, потеря 3,5 градусов. В настройках для бариста отражается актуальная температура в группе заваривания.