Linea PB uneven pressure between group heads?

Cannot seem to figure out what’s going on with our machine… Liea PB 2 Group, set at 6 bar, 93 degrees. Right grouphead is working proper, however the left grouphead is taking way longer to put out the same volume. It seems as though there is less pressure coming from the left grouphead? Tested with espresso, without, without screens, etc. By all counts, the right grouphead is about 50% faster than the left. Any thoughts?

This happened to us last week with ours. The owner came in and basically took apart some of the wiring and put it back together and worked. That should be all it needs. Weird that this is a common problem.

the wiring in the group-head more precisely, ha.

Sounds like a potential blockage/restriction somewhere in the system. We had something similar that was affecting our flow/debit rate and turned out to be some sediment in the pipe as the pipe to the head is very narrow.

+1 for a restriction. Given two flow paths fed from a common source, the flowrate through each path is dependent on its resistance to flow. More resistance = less flow.

FYI - the pressure drop in both paths is exactly the same.