Lower brewing temperature and Aeropress

Hey everyone!

With the World champs of aeropress coming up, I noticed a few interesting recipes from competitors around the World. Some of the winning ones used a temperature lower than 80 degrees to brew their coffee. Now I do know that a higher temperature leads to a higher, more efficient extraction and possibly more bitterness.
My question is: Why would you want to brew at such an unusually low temperature? Does it create a better cup or is it because that would be a more suitable temperature for judges to taste straight away.



hey Simon

my guess is serving it to the judges at it’s prime temperature
but to clarify a higher temperature would just be a faster extraction,
from what i read in Scott Rao’s book it does affect flavour but doesn’t go into
detail, but does say out of 91-94 range “may” be sour or bitter
i would test it yourself, compensating less temperature with higher dose or
more contact time.


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