Mythos fan issues

Hey guys, I just wanted to share a quick story on the mythos in case you run into this issue as well!

I recently replaced a mythos intake fan (on the rear of the unit) as the old one gave up. When I took it out I noticed the old fan chassis was twisted and that the blades were not able to freely turn as they were contacting the chassis because of the warp.

As I bolted the replacement in place I noticed the problem- the fan is mounted to the back of the grinder which is not flat and as a result the top and bottom mounting bolts (which do not have mounting spacers) put stress on the plastic chassis and over time warps it out of shape causing the fan to stop.

For now I’ve gently tightened the unspacer-ed bolts but I’ll install some next time I clean it to prevent the fan from ceasing again!

I’ve noticed this with another mythos I used to work with as well. This is something that Nuova Simonelli need to fix, and fortunately installing spacers its a very simple one too!

I’d be real interested to know who else has had fan problems with the mythos. Is this a common problem or do I live in a warm city?

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never had the problem @davidpogson but thanks for the heads up on this one.

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