Rocket Boxer Steam Wand for Lama to fit Sproline Steam Knife

Hey guys!

I’ve been using the Rocket Boxer 2 Group for the cafe i work at for about 1 year.

We’re currently using the T3 Nuova Simonelli steam tip and it’s been ok but not fantastic.

I really want to switch over to the steam knife so that it is easier for the amateur baristas to work with steaming of the milk as the learning curve for the current steam wand/tip setup is very steep.

I’ve checked with the guys at Espressoparts and they’ve advised that they are not too familiar with Rocket but “if your steam wand mounts to the bottom of the steam valve with a ball and socket configuration, the GB5 Steam Wand will fit on there just fine”

However, the technician servicing my Rocket has advised that the GB5 Lama wand might not fit in there.

Anyone has prior experience on replacing and fitting a La Marzocco steam wand to a Rocket Boxer?

Thank you guys for reading and hope to hear something good so that i can place my order for the parts asap!