Sage Barista Express pressure jump


desperatelly trying to resolve issue with me Sage Barista Express, can someone help ?

When I am brewing espresso (100% arabica india, 10g, single shot single wall basket, grin 6) the pressure will slightly raise twice. From the push of the button, the coffee will start pour after 5-7s, but after approximatelly next 5 seconds of espresso flowing on fine pressure, the gauce will jump again above the esspresso limit, also the sound of the machine is changed. Can someone help, why my machine will change pressure in a middle of process of brewing ?

I have problem to upload video so at least photos of one process after 3-4 seconds from start of the espresso flow and after 5-7 seconds, also the brewing time is around 20 seconds :frowning: due to an ^

Also for double shot one wall basket with naked portofilter I have this issue for one from ten times, others are stable with 25-27 brew time

Really thanks