Curtis Brewers - anyone using customized settings?

(Andy Dispun) #1

Let’s talk about Curtis brewers. Since most people are using Fetco’s, are there other Curtis users out there?

I’m also wondering if anyone is using their own programmed settings, or just the standard out of the box settings? Would love to get input since I haven’t messed with our G4 Single, and we’re currently using the “gourmet standard” setting.

(Eric Galbraith) #2

I’m using the dg500 or whatever it’s called. We use the pulse setting and it seems to work well.

(Tio Nico) #3

We’ve beenusing the D 500 right out of the carton for events… multi day or week long conferences, etc, and also weddings. We are so pleased with the results we’ve not seen any need to open it up and play. We ALWAYS use frexhly roasted coffees (our own roasts, typically 2 to 4 days off roast), and the pre-programmed “bloom” cycle seems to do what needs to be done. I find, given the same lot and roast of coffee, that machine is a very near match to a well-handled French Press in cup quallity. I always enjoy drinking our own coffee when we do events, where I used to drag out my own Frogpot and antique Dutch box mill and brew on the sly so I and close friends have something decent.

It did take us a bit to dial in the brew… first getting the grinc setting correct for flavour, then fiddling with dose to get strength right. I have found a few of our coffees need a grind setting one notch away on the gri

(Alex Evans) #4

We’re using a G4 1 Gallon Brewer out here and our settings are all customized - 12 pulses, ~6:30 for a half batch, 8:00 for a full batch. I’d be happy to email our recipes over if you’re interested in testing them on your brewer.

(Andy Dispun) #5

yes totally!

(Chris OBrien) #6

Does anyone have any more information or experience on the Curtis G4 and the best settings for lighter roasted coffee? We just got in a Curtis G4 and everything is currently setup to default. What we’ve noticed is both large and small batches seem to be setup for the same brew time so we tend to be getting a diluted smaller batch than if we brewed large. If anyone has any insight into the best settings please help us out.

(Alex Evans) #7

Shoot me an email -

(Alex Evans) #8

shoot me an email –