All about Mythos One

Hello Everyone :slight_smile:

I recently started to work in a new place and with a Mythos One grinder. I used to work once with one, but that was the start of my career in specialty coffee and haven’t really learnt about it a lot, I was just getting used to weight shots and learn what’s filter coffee is. :slight_smile:

I used Mazzers for 2 years and I got really used to them, but I know that Mythos grinders are more consistent and easier to work with.

I would like to just get some tips how to work with them the most efficient, should I waste coffee on the mornings, how often should I deep clean it in a week? Before I deep cleaned our Mazzers twice a week with 5 days opening time.

I also noticed that the baristas who I’m working with they all turn the grinder off immediately if the coffee coming out wrong or the coffee is running out. Could it be bad for the grinder? What’s your thoughts on it?


Michael Cameron has a great blog post regarding this. Definitely worth checking out.

To answer your last question, the grinder as I understand is designed to be left on to maintain a consistent temperature. There’s really no need to turn it off if you’re running out of coffee.

There’s a function which will automatically cut the grind when the portafilter is disengaged, so if the coffee is coming out wrong you can just remove the portafilter and it will stop.