About mythos one grinder

Can anyone pls share your experiences of using mythos one grinder?We are currentl using this grinder, and we found a problem hat if it stoped for more than 15 or 30 mins the shot time will increase dramatily
What is your solutions for this ?

I still not quite get the idea of climb/temperature control, the hot chamber, I have a measure of beans it holds, abou 3 double shots,we use 20g for dosing, so apparently beans in the chamber will be held at machine set temp, so what happens if we on a fast pace keep running the machine, does it means that we will end up using the cooler bean

I think the dose delivered by the mill after 30min of inactivity is higher. I noticed the same phenomenon with the F64evo fiorenzato.

Hi, I use the Mythos outside. And I’m assuming you are weighing your dose each time?

So far for me ambient day temperatures have ranged from 15-38 degrees winter to summer. I have removed the portafilter holder and dose directly into a cup sitting on scales on that little pedestal it has so I’m really sensitive to how the mythos performs. Yes, grind amount fluctuates significantly during non use periods as well as high use. I find dose creeps upwards at high demand. When it is a very hot and DRY day I have huge static issues. Grinds shoot out and cover the bench and all surrounds. When there is loads of static, my dose can go up around 2-3g. Sometimes I have to put a spoon half way covering the outlet, I’ve recently put a temporary plastic cup at the outlet to limit the mess.

I usually change dosing time by tenths of seconds at a time and when that begins to visually effect the extraction out of the naked portafilter, I either grind finer or courser depending and then quickly taste an extraction that can’t be sold due to there being no customers.

I’ve removed the cord for heating element. Maybe I should test it over summer connected.

The University of São Paulo has a particle size sampler but at around 100 dollars per sample. I’d love to see the spread of granulometry as the day goes on. You could assume that the burrs don’t gradually loosen over each grind ever so slightly… thus the increase in dose? Or is it the grind ability of the beans as they move through temp changes, or an unhomogenous “bica corrida” roast where the sizes of beans are not uniform in the grinder, or weight of the beans above in a fully loaded hopper. or or or or :slight_smile: please let me know when you find out!

Once I ground 250g of course grind for a customer (I don’t usually do this). It was a hot day and it generated I think huge amounts of static. My Mythos wouldn’t turn on for around 5 mins and te LCD was reading mumbo jumbo, I assume it was the static on the electronics. Rarely my grinder will seize up after a period of non use. Very rarely, 3 times per year. I just open and close the grind slightly to get it working again. (It’s not a power supply issue but interesting non the less).

Lastly, when it’s the very last grams of coffee being ground the granulometry of the dose is larger and causes the extraction to gush out quickly. Super important that you have consistently with at least a minimal amount of coffee in your hopper.

Hi Daniel
Thanks for sharing
I have found the following,
temp controlled only last for 3 double shots or just the amount on the chamber, so in compared, you will have hotter beans and cooler beans, the all comes out in different weights, depends on how long you didn’t work with the machine, the longer you left it there more weight you will be expected
So our solution here is
Make sure your dose weight is always the same, you weight the shot for the first 3 hotter beans. And also to check weither your Collier beans is the same dose as well,
For hot later beans, deduct the weight or tampe lightly to control shot time, along as it hits between 20 or 28, they all tasted identical, then you move to your cooler beans, it might come down to 24 or 25 seconds shot time, and this they all acceptable, this machine atuclaly enhance the flavor of the espresso anyway

So this is how I set it up,
In the morning, when the chamber is heated, we dial the grinder to our does weigh 21g to 28 to 30 seconds, then we expect when we move to the cooler beans it will drop down to 25 or around it.

Alternatively, set up a dose two with one or two grams less, to adjusted the shot time,

But make sure you weights through all grind size changes,
As long as the shot time goes up or down it the sign you check on the weights.

Keep the your variable constant, and eliminate the weights and grind size, this is the keys :slight_smile:

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