Best Point of Sale Systems for Coffee Shop

So, I am currently in the process of setting up my first coffee shop and I would like to get the opinion of other Barista’s what is the best Point of Sale systems / till systems, they have used in their shops and which are the ones that are a nightmare and should be avoided.

I’m really looking forward to hearing other peoples experiences, thanks in advance for sharing.

Where are you based?

We use iZettle Pro - its not cheap, but its not the most expensive. Seems good so far and with the reduction in card charges it partly pays back for itself…

Hi Stevie,

We are based in the UK. How about you?

I was looking at iZettle pro as I have used the iZettle app and card machine in one of my previous businesses and really liked it.

My only concern with it is whether it will be substantial enough for growth, as we are looking to have at least three coffee shops.

I’d call them. They gave me a free one on one demo just to run through the features and answe questions and you can decide if its right. It seems good so far for us, and with the reduction in fee % you get a lot of the monthly fee back…

You can also take a look at Loyverse. It’s free and you only pay if you want a customized PoS and better support.
I know a few restaurants that use it.