Beginner on Baristahustle

Hi everyone!
I’m new on BH, and I’d like to know if you recommend one particular class to start with?
I have some basic knowledge but no experience, and I’m pretty much interested in everything, haha…

Thank you, and I hope everyone’s healthy!

I’d suggest just clicking through and seeing what captures your interest!

Thank you, that’s what I ended up doing :blush:

What did you end up going with in the end Benoit? :smiley:
Depending on your situation (i.e. able to go out and use an espresso machine or have some gear at home), Percolation is great to start out with, since Barista One and Milk Steaming have practical elements that are hard to practice without an espresso machine. However they have really interesting scientific parts to read through!

Well, thank you for asking! :smiley:
I did start with barista one, and turns out I already knew most of the big principles. But Matt goes already into a lot of interesting details and I learned a lot! My set up allows me to practice a lot of things, but not really the flow a barista should have behind a counter/good espresso machine…
I’m about to finish Percolation today actually, which was also very interesting in many ways, and I already started quality control, since I reaaaaally want to learn more about the beans.
I’d like to be able to help at a cafe, gather some experience, but there aren’t really specialty coffee cafes where I live, and I find difficult to know where to start, since I have no experience whatsoever… thoughts?

hey Benoit, sorry for the latest reply ever! so cool to hear you already know a lot of the Barista One principles! to be honest even though I’d worked as a barista for a while already before reading that course, I was surprised that there was so much I could still learn.
re-reading and revising the checklist of standards in Barista One will give you a good idea of how a shift runs.
Quality Control helps with understanding the relationship between quality beans from the roaster, and how the coffee taste in shop.
is it possible for you to travel out at all for work (after lockdown lifts)? perhaps you could search in your area to see if there are any roasteries or coffee companies nearby - you’ll be surprised, they pop up all over the place! message them to start a conversation! and sometimes there are brands that offer really good training to those who are very interested in coffee, even if they don’t seem ‘speciality’ on the outside (for example St*rbucks and their Reserve Bars that are more specialist than their actual cafés).
however though, starting to work in any café - even if it’s not speciality - will give you a great start on what to expect from hospitality because at the end of the day they all do the same thing, which is sell good coffee to customers :slight_smile:
good luck on your barista journey!

Thanks for this thread. Much needed :smiley: