How to Get Involved with Coffee Business?

Hello everybody, My name is Will
I’m a coffee enthusiast and currently working for family business that is not coffee related at all. However, I Love Coffee and knew just how important it is to have a cup or two everyday at anytime, even before bed. On the other hand of working tirelessly for my family’s business in China, I am currently studying on how to brew coffee using different methods such as French press, Aeropress, Chemex, V60 etc… and now I know 3 methods which I now have my own likes of which brew is best to satisfy my taste. I’m also looking forward to try home roasting for starters before end of this year when I return to my home in Thailand so that’s basically where I am now as for my own little coffee journey. Not too exciting but truly Spiritually Nourishing…
But though I am pursuing for hobby purposes, I wondered what can I do with all these knowledge once I become more experienced and more knowledgeable? My parents talked about opening up a coffee shop or the like, but there’s already so many coffee shops out there that I didn’t want to think about it as my first idea, instead my mind was thinking perhaps I should work as a barista at a shop? But that wouldn’t be practical since my job with my family now pays more better and its taking all of my time. I have also thought about learning coffee and maybe attend some social coffee event gathering just to get the chance of talking to people? I thought this may be the first way to go? hmm I thirst for coffee knowledge and wanting to practice to learn about brewing, but there’s always doubt behind my passion…anyways, I just wanted to say hi to all those who read my post and as a newbie for a coffee enthusiast, I have so much to learn from everyone here!
Cheers to All!

Hey, you seem a lot like myself. One thing, first and foremost, your hobbies and interests don’t have to be intended for instrumental purposes – in fact the argument could be made that this is the locus from which pleasure arises. Since your economic status does not depend on coffee-making, you’re free to practice it stress-free.
That said, if you do want to immerse yourself (pun not intended), why not get a part time job as a barista? This is what I did. Actually, the job “got” me – I was recruited through my interactions at my local shop.


Hi man, this sounds like a very good choice since I do have a nearby coffee shop around my factory in Thailand that is, and had been talking to the lady owner all the time…but I don’t think its possible to get a part time job in Thailand for a foreigner…which means I could try it in China, then again I travel back and forth between these two countries every month or so, its kind of difficult…but hey thanks so much for the reply and Its Great to know that I’m not alone :slight_smile:


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My wife and I started a coffee blog in 2013. With it, we obtained press badges to get into events at reduced rates or for free. Roasters sent us coffee, and we wrote about it. It got to the point where it was a part-time job (with no income). In the middle of that, I started roasting on a popcorn popper (look up the Poppery II). I quickly outgrew it, so I purchased a Huky 500, made by Kuanho Li. That thing was a dream! With that, I started my own home-based coffee roasting business that did enough business to pay for the startup and maintenance costs.

Life changed. We had to stop the blog. We couldn’t continue on with the home-based roasting operation. I continued moving up in my completely unrelated career.

2015 came, and I had the opportunity to change careers. Cutting my income in half, I took a job as a barista. May of this year, I am now the Head Roaster of a small roasting operation and two shops.

All that said, I started right where you are now. We started our blog to justify the expense of our gear. Hah!

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I have started my coffee blog many years ago but 2 years ago I felt that it wasn’t enough. Now I have a small coffee shop on my street, and I feel that it is all I have always wanted. I am taking care of coffee quality as well as the appearance of cups that we make by ourselves, branded napkins and the uniform. These are good sources for diy projects that can be useful for your business: Design your own mug | Etsy
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