Barista job networks

Hi folks,

Any owners or managers had success with or know of effective, coffee specific job networks?

We have a unique opportunity to offer someone but have had little to no success attracting people who are skilled and passionate through conventional job sites. We know someone would jump on board for this position but not sure how to tap into the right audience.

Any thoughts are welcome.


Hey Tim,

First and foremost the best network is word of mouth. It’s definitely hard, especially in the UK where I’m based, to find a passionate and skilled career Barista to hire. But you can’t go wrong with hiring people you’ve heard great things about, trust and want to work with. The best network is the one you build around yourself based on previous experiences and gained knowledge.

Coffejobsboard is the go to for many and it’s a great site. I recommend it. However you must be clear about what you’re offering and what you expect in return.

Email roasteries (who have access to a vast amount of people both internally and externally via wholesale accounts). If it’s truly a unique offer then I’m sure roasteries would be willing to ask around amongst themselves and aid in spreading the word if you’re very very polite :slight_smile:

Join groups on Facebook and post jobs there (if the group allows it). There are plenty of Barista focused groups there with a constant stream of potential.

If you’re somewhat rural or in a small town hire locally. Hire whoever has the biggest desire to learn and become their mentor. Building someone from the ground up is a good option but be prepared to invest time, effort and money into this person. There’s forever risk involved but what’s life (and being a business owner) without a little risk?

Other than the above I’m not sure what else can be done.

Hope I’ve been of some help :+1:t3:

Hi Jack,

Definitely helpful so thank you.

I am familiar with coffeejobsabroad but have yet to try it. I think all your suggestions are on the money. I have reached out to a couple of roasters and other friends in the industry too, I do think that’s ultimately where i’ll find someone and it’s early days so we’re still hopeful.

For anybody pondering the same there is almost no value in posting on broad, commercial job sites. More or less a waste of time. Conversely anybody living in Western Canada or interested in visiting and is curious about this position get in touch, we’d love to chat.

Wise words Jack, much appreciated.

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Coffeejobsboard worked for us. I thought it was mainly London based, but it attracted some good applicants.

Word of mouth was also good, you should reach through your contacts and who they know. In my case I was looking for someone who wanted to work somewhere speciality, but wasn’t given the environment, beans and tools to achieve their best. They do exist if you look around.