Has anyone been a barista abroad? Scotland?

I’m traveling to Scotland, and eventually to Slovenia, and I’m looking for a way to work in a coffee-centric café or directly with a roaster. I have more than five years of barista experience with my current employer, Montana Coffee Traders, and I’d love to take my skills abroad. If anyone knows of a place that would be more likely to hire an American or somewhere that I can get my fix behind a machine, I would love some info.

Thanks everyone.

Cairngorm Coffee, Lowdown Espresso and Artisan Roast are worth checking out in Edinburgh.

Hey Chris.
There’s a great coffee scene here in Scotland.
My advice would be to check out the Scotland Coffee Lovers app, it lists pretty much every independent cafe in the country. Look through the list and drop a bunch an email.

Also, i’ pretty sure Lowdown and Filament in Edinburgh are currently looking for baristas.

Hope you find something and if you’re looking for someone to go for a coffee with while you’re over. Hit me up.

Thanks a bunch to both of you. Artisan Roast has come across my radar often enough that I was already looking forward to getting a hold of them. Filament looks like a pretty sweet spot!

I’ll be in and around Edinburgh for about 10 weeks, so I’d love to get a local’s view on the good coffee. I’ll hit you up, for sure!

I have been to Edinburgh for a year and Fortitude coffee is a nice one, they did start roasting coffee recently.
Cult, Filament, Lowdown, Cairngorm, Artisan roast. But I’m sure there is new ones since I left 8 months ago.
Enjoy your time there!

When are you coming over to Scotland

I’ll be flying into Edinburgh on the ninth.

I’m in town, now. I’m excited to pop into filament and have them make me something delicious. I already love Artisan Roast and I’ve brewed through a bag of their Kenya special reserve. Any suggestions on where to go next? Meet up and talk like coffee dorks somewhere?

Ah man! I’m so sorry for not getting back to you.
Hadn’t logged into BH for a while :frowning:
Hope you had a great visit, where all did you hit up?