In London from California, advice on shops/meet ups

Hey BH!
I’m a roaster from a shop in Orange County, California. My wife and I are in London for our honeymoon till Sept. 17th. I was wondering what shops i should check out. Also, if anyone works at a shop, I’d love to cup/nerd out about coffee. I brought some coffees with me so I won’t be coming in empty handed!



There’s so many!

You must head to Prufrock on Leather Lane near Farringdon station, really great place.
Then in the same area is Workshop Coffee, which is the cafe for the Workshop Coffee roastery.
There is also The Association which is not far away.

A bit further west you have Flat White or Milk Bar (same owners) and Kaffeine (there are two). The Espresso Room opposition Great Ormond Street hospital is fab.

If you go east there is Climpson and Sons who normally have a chef in residence at their roastery. Of there is Silhouette in Hackney, lovely owners. Or Lanark or Hackney road.

If you’re north then there is Esther’s near stoke newington which have lovely filter coffee and very friendly staff.
If you pass through Kings Cross then I would drop by Noble Espresso which is a cart but really good.

And If you have time I would go to Lyles. It’s one of the few restaurants doing coffee really well and the food is amazing.

If you even have the time, I would head over to Bath and Bristol for the day, you can pop into Colonna and Smalls or Full Court Press. Both are amazing places and worth the trip.

Sorry, that’s quite a bumper list.


I second Workshop and Kaffeine! Kaffeine is a little bit more similar to specialty coffee in the US, but Workshop is super well-done, and most definitely worth checking out!