Coffee Shops in Europe

Hi Guys!

Starting in January I’ll be making my way around Europe to try to visit the best coffee shops in Europe! I’ll be going through Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Dennmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Estonia for the moment!

Does anyone have any coffee shop recommendations or own/work in a coffee shop in any of these countries? It’d be great to get around and meet some fellow hustlers!

Anyway guys thanks again!


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I love, The Barn, Drop, Five Elephant (have their cheesecake), Coffee Collective, there are plenty more but that is what I can think of off the top of my head.

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Tim Wendelboe in Norway!

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Some recommendations for Denmark:

Copenhagen: Coffee Collective (my favorite is the one with the roastery, on Godthåbsvej), Prolog, Democratic Coffee, Roast Coffee, Copenhagen Coffee Lab
Aarhus: La Cabra, Great Coffee

and Sweden:

Gothenburg: da Matteo
Helsingborg and Malmo: Koppi
Lund: Love Coffee Roasters
Stockholm: Drop Coffee


Good list. For Sweden I’d add

Malmö: Djäkne Kaffebar, Solde Kaffebar, Kaffebaren på Möllan, Uggla Kaffebar
Göteborg: Kael’i Kaffebar, Victors Kaffe
Stockholm: Cafe Pascal

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Hi Pierre.

I had a nice coffee trip to Berlin for a while ago.

Here are my favourites:

I live in Oslo - here are my favorites there:


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Hi Pierre,

Check out my list on Foursquare:

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Wow thanks for the amazing responses guys! I’ll make sure I check them out :slight_smile:

Since no one mentioned any palces in Finland I will give some suggestions. In Helsinki, try Mad Possum, Good Life Coffee, Andante. For food and coffee go to El Fant.
In Turku, go the to the Turun Kahvipaahtimo roastery (outside of town) or Kahvila Gaggui.

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In case anyone is looking for some more cafes for the best coffee in Europe, we’ve recently published this blog post encompassing a number of spots.
Jasmine & Bevan

You can try “Steam Café Stavanger” coffee shop in Norway

Hi All,
If you ever find yourself in Katy, Texas, you must stop by Blockhouse Coffee & Kitchen to satisfy your coffee and food cravings. They have excellent coffee.