London Cafe Scene - Whats new and exciting in 2016

Hi Folks

I used to live in London and know the coffee scene pretty well.
I’m back in London this weekend, and would love to check out some new places.
Any recommendations for whats good, whats cool and whats new?

Thanks a lot,

Climpson and Sons are making huge waves now, astounding quality of coffee, Look mum no hands is also making great coffee, Black Sheep are the only London cafe offering 100% Robusta espresso, download the Londons best coffee app and try to visit the top 25 cafes and more!

Am I reading this right? That all buy ONE cafe in the entirety of London uses robusta in their blends? Fascinating! I wonder why …

That doesn’t sound right. Surely the likes of Square Mile et al. aren’t using robusta.

haahaha what an error, yeah I meant to put robusta!! Black Sheep are the only speciality cafe using Robusta, not vice verse ahaha, how on earth did I not notice that!

just booked my flight to London, hoping this thread keeps going!

Silhouette and Saint Espresso are also pretty good, Lundenwic is apparently an ‘experience’