Opening a Business - Coffee Support Services

Hi everyone!

There has been an explosion of coffee stores, pop-ups in the recent years. We already have a coffee chain running but we feel it is high time to diversify and considering that so many coffee stores are running, we want to open a business that would support coffee professionals in a meaningful way; compliments and not compete.

On the outset, we want to start small with an online presence before considering a brick-and-mortar presence.

My question: As coffee professionals, what would be the most important stuff that you would want, and want it often so we could focus on to supply/provide first (and please don’t say beans; we plan to import some in but that requires documentation and health approval!). We know it is going to be low volume, low sales business but at least we would like to see a constant stream of business before going into bigger things.




Where are you located?
Is there already a machine servicing business in the area?

Hey Matt!

Thanks for replying @MattPerger! We are in Brunei Darussalam: Population 400K

As far as we know, there’s one or two guys that can do some servicing but general stuff. One of them works for Cimbali importer and another one sells VBMs.

We have a working relationship with LM and we do fly in LM Tech for our chain. It is something we would love to do, but that definitely requires a bit of training and time to get it off the ground.

Oh, I tried gymnastics the other day, didn’t turn out that well :joy:

Hello are you lived in Brunei? In your perspective views hows the coffee trend here? I worked in one of the cafe in brunei near airport :smile:

Thank you

Hi Rozi,

Yes I have been living in Brunei for more than 4 years working in the coffee industry.

The coffee scene has really grown since the days I have been here. Apart of physical stores, there are also a large number of pop-up coffee vendors. So, that’s why I believe as much as we continue to see more coffee stores, it is also equally important to have a strong support system to help the scene grow.