Career Progression

Hello forum people.
What advice would you give to someone interested in transitioning from barista to roaster and/or QC? What attributes should they have and what skills should they possess if they wished to stand a chance?
Thank you.


Just start.
One can roast at home to get an understanding of roasting.
Depending on one’s budget, one can start in a pan on the stove or in the oven, to using a popcorn popper, to buying a home roaster, to buying something like the huky 500.
If you work at a company that roasts, just tell someone you are interested in learning more and hopefully there will be a way. Sometimes one just helps with packing and other related tasks and follows a roaster around. Sometimes there is training program to get you going on this path.
I skipped over the barista part of the career progression and went straight to roasting. I was trained as a cook, so I suppose this may of helped me feel comfortable roasting. I read and was active on social networks and was able to connect with a lot people from all over. I roasted at home for 5-6 years and then I started my own roasting business. [I skipped working for someone else too] I offer unique coffees that I get via the connections I have made.
There are many different paths to becoming a roaster, but the biggest part is to just start roasting and sharing your desire to learn with others.

Part 2
There are many types of roasters as well styles of roasting. A production roaster in a larger company needs a different set of skills than an independent roaster that has their own business.
In general, I believe a roaster needs to have a good palate, be rigorous and through, but also creative and intuitive. One needs to be happy about doing the same procedure over and over again with a constant eye on how one could improve (be more efficient, effective, or consistent). There are times to discover and be creative and times to be repetitive and following techniques.

Hi! I’m looking for a roaster to start roasting at home. I’d say I’m an advanced beginner, since I tried the ways anyone can try without investing any money (pan/oven) and roasted along with a friend of mine who owns a homemade machine that’s really not bad!
I saw that you mentioned the huky, I wanted to ask your thoughts in comparison to the Kaldi home roasters if you know them? And if you would recommend other machines?
Thank you for your answer! :blush: