Books on Roasting Coffee

Hello all! I’m a new roaster, and have been digging to find books on techniques and theories on the topic. I’ve read Scott Rao’s book time and again, and am wondering if anyone knows any roasting books with more detailed or advanced information on the topic?


Not a book, but there used to be a continuing monthly thread on home-barista called Roast and Learn Together where the group would pick a coffee for the month and contributors would post profiles / brew parameters / cupping notes. As with any forum, you have to sift through the BS to find some gems here and there.

Also, something I found productive at the last shop I worked at was sharing a shift behind the bar once per week with the other roaster at the shop. We would spend the shift brewing/refracting/tasting/philosophizing/planning. We found it to be a productive way to generate ideas on chasing more nuanced flavors that we couldn’t always pick up on the cupping table.

I hope all is well at Methodical Coffee. I grew up just 20 mins outside of Greenville, so it’s good to see some specialty coffee in that area. I’ll be stopping in around Thanksgiving to taste what’s hot.

That’s super good input! Thanks a ton. And make sure you find me when you get here!

The Professional Barista’s Handbook is considered to be a bible for Baristas. Just have it and you won’t have to consider another book.

Hey Amit! Thanks dude. I agree! I have that book and it’s a pretty good read. I was more referring to books on roasting for this question, though.

Hey Will, just sent you an email about your roaster and subsequently found that you are asking questions about roasting ha. I’ve been roasting for about 4 years at this point and have roasted on a variety of brands. Shoot me a DM and maybe we can work something out.

I have yet to read it, but Rob Hoos wrote a book called "Modulating the Flavor Profile of Coffee."
Perhaps that will have some useful information for you.

Here is the link:

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That is super helpful! Thanks so much!

You are most welcome, man. :blush:
I can hardly wait to try out Methodical in the near future! From all of the posts that I have seen on Instagram, things seem to be going well all around for you all.

Oh wow thanks! Can’t wait for you to stop by! Let me know if you are near and I will be sure to hang!

It may be much later down the road before a physical visit could happen, but I would love to hang whenever that occurs! I will definitely order a bag of coffee sometime soon, though. :laughing:

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Scott Rao’s book on roasting is super helpful, but I wish he would write a whole book on just ROR. Rob Hoos book is a great read after this one. There is also a book by Roast magazine that is a reprint and compilation of past articles, haven’t read it yet but it might be worth getting as a reference tool.