Brew 7-8 hours after grinding or brew now, put it in a flask and drink later?

Hi forum,

I will be buying a good grinder soon for my pour over.
I like to drink my filter coffee around 3-4pm while Im in the office (in the morning I prefer milk based).

The problem is the grinder should be at home because other family member is using it also.
Since I can’t grind before brewing it at the office, which of the option would you guys prefer, grind the coffee at home around 8am and brew it 7-8 hours later or grind and brew at home and then put the coffee in a good thermal flasks?

Thank you

Best solution, is to grind and then vacuum seal into a bag, single serving only. Bit of a pain, but works great.

Coffee after 7-8 hours in a thermal container is… horrid.

Better to grind ahead… better off that way though very much not ideal. Only grind for that day.

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Thank you
will find a way to vacuum seal the bag soon.

Hi Ferry,

I brew at work all the time with an AeroPress or Clever and a $40 Hario Slim grinder. While the particle size varies quite a bit with most hand grinders, it allows me to grind + brew fresh coffee, and enjoy it throughout the day. You could invest in a sieve (Kruve or similar…) if you wanted, but I find I can remove most of the ‘fines’ just on a standard paper towel before transferring to my brewing device.

In a pinch, I’d prefer to grind, seal, and then brew when needed as opposed to brewing into a thermal flask and letting it sit for any length of time. I sometimes do this to prep a V60 the night before so I don’t have to run my grinder at home and risk waking up my family as I’m getting ready to leave in the AM.



I’d recommend that you grind it and then place it in a small vacuum pack jar, followed by refrigeration at work (pick one of the bottom drawers) if you have that option. The cool temperature will help with retention of oils and flavors. It might be good for few days so that you don’t have to grind it every single day, but every other day instead.


Hi Shawn,

I have a Hario Slim Grinder too. Do you have any tips to make a good v60 out of that grinder?
i’ve done few experiments, changing grind size, grind it twice, sieve it, but I can’t make a decent cup.