Brewing Tricks & Tips

While brewing, I often stumble upon little tricks, tips, and practices that greatly improve consistency & quality but that you won’t necessaily find in an official brew guide. I’d love to hear what everyone has discovered while they have been evaluating and re-evaluating their brews.

A couple of mine:


I try to make sure that most of the grounds have settled to the bottom of the piston before pressing. I’ve done this by pouring even spirals the whole time & i’ve also done it by whisking the top of the brew to knock down any floating grounds.

When flipping an inverted press, I like to give it a gentle little “north south east west” shake to help level the coffee before starting to press.


I try to really tilt the basket (about 45 degrees) in all 4 directions before leveling it to ensure that there aren’t any (even slight) low spots/curves along the edges of the basket

After I close up a pot, I will shake it up and down a couple times to break up the stratification that naturally occurs during the brewing process

I’ve got a few more but I’m anxious to hear from others!