Cleaning products in the UK

Hey UK baristas.
At the moment the cafe I’m at is using a rather tired bunch of dish towels and J cloths for cleaning portafilters and steam wands.

I just wondered what everyone’s go-to cloths etc for behind the bar are and if you’ve got links to where to buy, even better!


Hey Matt,

I also use J-Cloths for the steam wand but I find it helps changing them every couple of hours, and I use a clean dry micro fibre cloth for the porta-filter, I’ve got 4 and wash them everyday on a rotation. Hope that helps

Micro fibre cloths. The more expansive the better, they will retain more moisture. Buy a few then you can launder and rotate. Better for the environment!

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Microfibre to clean portafilters :ok_hand:t3: Buy in packs of 10 usually and change once a year (or as and when needed).

Ditched J cloths years ago. Been using face cloth flannel things for the steam wands (primark or whatever is cheapest - fluffy cotton ones are really nice to use :+1:t3:). Brown coloured ones for the steam wand and black ones to wipe my counters down. Sink rinse and wring as and when needed (a few times a day when we recover from our rushes).

I have a dry cleaner near each cafe that collects and cleans everything. Towels, chefs clothes, aprons etc. Dry clean and rotate.

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