Commercial Cold Brew System recommendations?

What systems do you guys/gals recommend? I’m getting sick of the re-usable filter bags on my Toddy brewer and am looking at quicker/bigger options. I’ve been using the Toddy for 5 years now and think it’s time to explore other options.
I see Cold Brew Avenue has a nice setup…any concerns for fines making it through the metal filter? Any one have experience with them? I’m looking at their 15 gallon one.


I use the 15 gallon system from Cold Brew Avenue and a lot of the fines get through the metal mesh filter. I have a secondary filter process through a coffee sock that gets rid of the finer particles before I keg the cold brew. Hope this helps

hey i wanna buy this system too what micron filter are you using? the 50? they say they custom filter micron sizes too! Does filtering liters of coffee with a coffee sock take a long time?