De-facebook-ifying the wiki

I’m not a facebook user and I don’t plan on joining. But I was sorely tempted every time Matt would list off all the juicy topics being discussed on there. Now that this site exists, I’m hoping that I can get access to the knowledge shared there through the wiki but it seems like I still need facebook to access it. Can we change that?

Not really sorry. This site is definitely an attempt to do so.
Unless someone wants to go through and screenshot all the pages? Anyone?

Ultimately @joshuadusk I respect your product/philosophical decisions but Facebook makes a lot of things easier. It’s worth re-evaluating your decision to join as it approaches universal ubiquity and becomes commoditised as balanced with misgivings you have, and see if the misgivings can be managed.

I’m with you @joshuadusk. Try and find a friend who trusts you to let you use their profile to check into the BHFB page on occasion, or just make juicy topics here to draw ppl in.

Wiki full of fb links is useless to me. Dana inadvertently gives a sound basis for rejecting fb, the perceived ubiquity/commodity is yet a walled garden, only allowed those that give themselves to it, so here we are (well, some of us). Even BH topics are not worth accepting infringement on content…it’s antithetical to the true(er) ubiquity of the internet. Sadly, for many fb IS the internet…I hear its a great place for followers. :wink: