Invites for Slack?

Hey All,

Does anyone know how I can get a Slack invite for the Barista Hustle Slack channel? I just heard about it on a episode of the Coffee Awesome podcast with Matt Perger and am excited to check it out. Unfortunately, the invitation link on the page:

seems to be broken, and the url just goes to a 404

I didn’t see anything posted on here or the Facebook group so I thought I’d ask the question.

Thanks in advance!

Hey there,

We’ve sadly sent the Slack group off into the sunset, concentrating now only on the FB group and the community page, with a bunch of updates on the Barista Hustle Facebook page, and our Instagram page :slight_smile:

  • For the BH FB group, head here
  • To like the Barista Hustle Facebook page, head here
  • To follow our Instagram page, head here

Hope that helps!

Barista Hustle