Efficient Milk Storage Options


I’m building out a new coffee bar and am wondering what are the best options for milk storage?
I will have under-counter, commercial refrigerators for storing multiple gallons of milk. Do you have any suggestions that may include methods, or appliances that would enable a barista to easily access a gallon of milk without constantly bending over to get milk from an under counter ice bin or fridge?

What solutions have you discovered or experiences have you had that could help me improve this situation?

Hey, something we do at my cafe is to keep a bottle of whole&semi out on the counter by the steaming area, that way we can easily access milk without bending down and also allows us to multitask more easily (i.e. pouring a jug of milk whilst steaming one), just keep in mind that you can only leave milk out for four hours or less otherwise it’s a violation of health and safety (UK). you still need to bend down to replace an empty bottle of milk but it’s far less frequent than constantly bending down for every jug!

hope this helps!

If you don’t mind investing in this matter, take a look at MooBar www.moobar.com.au

This looks pretty sweet. Unfortunately it’s not available here in the US.

Ohhh…my bad.
I tried to look for the other company that has a similar product, but is Australian too. Here is the link by the way if you want to have a look.

I think your best option would be to search for a Countertop Milk Dispenser and look at the options out there, even if they aren’t coffee bar focused

A cafe I frequent in Malaysia, PULP, has a cut out at their bar next to the espresso machine and places an ice box in it for ease of use. It’s pretty simple and I would imagine rather cost efficient.

I think what the Intelligentsia shops use and a few other coffee bars in Chicago is the Delfield 240 drop in stainless ice chest. It’s very expensive $1000+

Yes, this is the kind of solution I was looking for. I was looking at the SightGlass shop where they have a drop in ice chest like this, but with a sink next to it: http://assets.coolhunting.com/coolhunting/mt_asset_cache/2013/08/Sightglass-Coffee-Bar-4-thumb-620x411-65461.jpg
Thanks for the info!!!