Experience with Milk Mate

Does anyone have experience with the Milk Mate System? Saving baristas from needing to bend down and pull milk out of a fridge dozens of times a day seems like a good idea. Not to mention consistent milk doses.

I’ve used a similar system (Juggler), which senses the size of the jug you’re using and dispenses the one of two doses for that jug, selected by using a short push or a long push on the sensor. It was really good for workflow efficiency, as you could be filling a jug for your next steam with no worries about spilling or over/underpouring.

That system gets its milk from 10L bladders in drawers under the counter, there’s still a bit of bending if you need to swap them in or out, but the fridge can hold 80L.

I enjoyed working on it. There’s a pretty heavy cleaning regime involved, but hey, we’re used to that.